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Whether you are organising a party, want to publish a CD or post a film on YouTube in which a song occurs, everyone uses music in one way or another.

You naturally can't just use the music. According to the Authors' Right Act, you need to get permission from the composers and authors every time.

Because it is practically impossible to ask each author separately whether you can use his work, more than 39,000 authors have already decided in the meantime to have their rights managed by Sabam. We act as an intermediary so that you can settle everything at once.

Sabam offers a licence for every form of use of music which ensures that you get permission to use someone's work.

This section gives you an overview of all our licences for the use of music. In the menu on the left, you will find an overview of all our licences for the use of music as well as the tariffs and general conditions.