Music surrounds us day in, day out: in restaurants and shops, on the street, at customer service desks, etc. In brief, music accompanies us wherever we come and go – even at work.

Perhaps you already use music in your company, association or public service. For instance, your staff listens to music during work, you play music in your company restaurant or canteen, you use music on your telephone lines, you have background music on your website or you use music in your offices during a retirement, promotion, birthday or staff party. Experience and statistics show that working or receiving customers with a dash of background music benefits the well-being of the employees and the customers. According to the Belgian Code of Economic Law, you have to pay a fee for the use of music in these cases.


What is Unisono?

Authors own copyright to their creations, while performing artists and producers own neighbouring rights to the music recording.
Unisono is the one-stop shop under which Sabam, PlayRight and SIMIM act together to collect these royalties for music in companies. It is a one-stop environment created with the support of various professional federations. It provides one user licence that allows you to easily settle your music use. More and more business leaders are convinced of the added value of music in their company.

The Unisono licence applies to music:

  1. on the work floor and in the dining areas where only your staff comes;
  2. at your staff parties;
  3. on the telephone (e.g. when you put a customer on hold);
  4. on your website.

For the use of music in areas only accessible to staff, new rules for neighbouring rights laid down in two Royal Decrees will apply from 1 January 2018 (Royal Decree December 17 2017 - Royal Decree July 8 2018).

All rates that can be found on this website are exclusive of 6% VAT and may be indexed annually.


Who are we?

Sabam was founded in 1922 as a collective management organisation of authors, composers and publishers recognised by the government to collect and distribute the copyright royalties for its affiliated authors, composers and publishers. Sabam represents both the Belgian and the international music repertoire. It also manages Unisono, and is mandated by PlayRight and SIMIM to act on their behalf.

PlayRight, founded in 1974 by a group of artists seeking to claim their rights as performers, is the Belgian organisation responsible for the collective management of the neighbouring rights of performing artists. PlayRight is mandated by the government to collect, manage and distribute the neighbouring rights on the Belgian territory among the affiliated performing artists. It also collects royalties for its members whose repertoire is broadcast, sold or otherwise performed abroad.

SIMIM was established in 1995 and is the only management organisation for music producers that is recognised by the government. SIMIM aims to collect, manage and distribute royalties for music producers. SIMIM also represents the Belgian and international music repertoire.


Why pay for music?

Everyone who contributes to the creation of music, from the author and composer to the artist and producer, is entitled to a compensation when his work is purchased or used. Several studies also point to the added value of music in companies, through productivity increases, the creation of a harmonious working environment and satisfied customers.

To request a licence, please visit www.eengemaakteaangifte.be

If you prefer paper, please download the application form:

User licence application (NL) - (FR)

Please note that this only concerns areas that can be accessed by staff (e.g. offices, company restaurants, etc.). You have a question concerning the use of music in publicly accessible areas (e.g. bars, shops, etc.)? Click here for more information.