Advisory committee

In order to stay up-to-date with the audiovisual, theatre, literary and visual arts sector, Sabam creates advisory committees. Reputable authors/directors/writers/visual artists/etc. advise Sabam on the basis of a renewable 2 year mandate. They help with the development and distribution of a grant package, the organisation of workshops and seminars and the adaptation of the management of the royalties to the authors' daily reality. Firmly implanted in practice, they highlight the problems existing in the different sector concerned.

An advisory committee was already set up for the audiovisual sector at the end of 2010. At the moment the members are Marc Punt, Miel Van Hoogenbemt, Silvia Defrance and Martin Heylen.

Marc Punt is at home in various audiovisual markets. As co-founder of Independent Films Distribution together with Jan Verheyen, Marc Punt knows the distribution sector like the back of his hand. Production also holds no secrets for him, having produced Ad Fundum, Blueberry Hill and Boys. At Sabam we know Marc predominantly as author and director, having written feature films such as She Good Fighter?, Dief!, Frits en Freddy and the successor Frits en Franky, but also TV series such as Dennis and Diamant. Marc had great success both in Belgium and abroad with the TV series Matroesjka’s that he wrote and directed together with Guy Goossens. His latest achievement is the greatest Flemish cinema success of 2014, Bowling Balls.

Miel Van Hoogenbemt is active as director, scriptwriter and producer of films and documentaries. Living in Brussels, he does this both in French and Flemish. His documentaries Signes de vie, Gens de Migdal, Un jour ou l’autre and Demain est un autre jour still stand out today. In addition he produced the feature films Miss Montigny, Man zkt. Vrouw and Fils Unique. In between times he quickly directed a few episodes of Wittekerke and Aspe. Miel Van Hoogenbemt also lectures to the film department of Sint-Lukas.

Silvia Defrance studied animated film at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. The cartoon Winston and Julia with which she graduated was shown at various international festivals and won a number of prizes. The film was also purchased by various TV stations, including ARTE. Candy Darling (2008), a mix of animation and live action, was also well received at festivals and was shown on CANVAS. In 2012 Silvia obtained her doctorate at the University of Ghent with an artistic study into the potential of the sensory film image in alternative narrative structures.

Martin Heylen started his career as a journalist with De Morgen, later worked for Humo and moved into television with Woestijnvis. There everything began with Man Bijt Hond where he travelled through Flanders as a reporter, but later also through America, Siberia and China. The adventure in Siberia also formed the basis for the documentary series Terug naar Siberië. This was later followed i.a. by God en klein Pierke, Dr. Livingstone with Philippe Geubels and Heylen en de herkomst.