Sabam for Culture helps its members with financial support in building their artistic career, both in Belgium and abroad.


Grant for promoting self-published productions

Through this support, Sabam for Culture bears the costs for promoting a self-published sound carrier. The contribution amounts to a maximum of € 1500 and serves for the recruitment of a press officer or community manager, or for the production of a clip, teaser or radio edit.

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Export grant for showcase festivals

With these grants, Sabam for Culture wants to support artists who are selected by showcase festivals in Europe and elsewhere. The grants are intended to bear part of the costs related to the concert abroad. Selected bands or artists may count on a grant of € 600 (€ 300 for solo projects).

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Export grant for international concert series

Sabam For Culture supports its members taking part in an international concert series. The concerts are linked to the promotion of an official release and relate to supporting programmes and headline shows. Festivals are also eligible for support. The support amounts to € 2,500.

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Showcase upon release abroad

Through this support, Sabam for Culture wants to give artists the opportunity to perform abroad in order to promote the release of a first or second CD. The aim of the showcase is to invite professionals and get a foothold in the country concerned. The artists and their entourage ensure that local professionals participate in the organisation and promotion of the performance. This support applies to concerts that take place in 2019.

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Support for a publishing company for promoting an album of its authors and composers

Sabam for Culture helps publishing companies and its author(s) to develop their music project. This grant bears up to half of the costs incurred for promoting an album (LP/EP). Producing a video clip or teaser is also covered by this grant.

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Grant Sabam For Culture Liveurope

The new Sabam For Culture / Liveurope grant is intended to cover the costs of a concert of a Belgian artist or group affiliated to Sabam in one of the halls of the Liveurope network.  

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Support for making a video clip

As visual content is becoming more and more important, Sabam For Culture is offering a new grant for the production of a video clip. Through this grant, you will receive a refund of up to 50% of the costs incurred. The maximum amount of support is € 1,500 per video clip.

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Film music grants

These grants are intended to support the production of film music by bearing certain costs for the studio, musicians, editor, orchestrator,...

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