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Development support for a publisher

Sabam For Culture supports publishers in the promotion of an album (LP/EP) by reimbursing up to half of the costs incurred.

The support covers expenses relating to:

  • professionalization (vocal, stage and residence coaching)
  • pre-production (costs for making a demo)
  • promotion
  • the production of a clip or teaser


  • First or second released album
  • The author and/or composer is/are affiliated to Sabam
  • In the case of a group, at least two thirds of the authors and/or composers are members of Sabam.
  • It concerns a physical or digital production, which is distributed in both cases
  • The original publisher is affiliated to Sabam
  • In the case of co-publication, the 2 publishers are members of Sabam
  • The author/composer is not part of the publishing company
  • At least two thirds of the recorded works are original repertoire
  • In the case of a physical pressing, the recordings are no self-published production (the costs for the mechanical reproduction are not borne by the author(s)/composer(s))
  • The support is limited to 50% of the costs incurred by the publisher
  • The support can be granted from an investment of € 2,000 by the publisher, amounts to a maximum of € 5,000 (for an investment of € 10,000 by the publisher) and may not be deducted from the copyright royalties.
  • For expenses incurred abroad, both the publisher and the author and/or composer (or the group) are members of Sabam for the country concerned.
  • Applications for support are limited to 2 projects per publisher, with a maximum of € 5,000 per year
  • The publisher already has at least 3 projects under contract
  • The application must be submitted at least two months before making a clip/teaser or starting the promotional campaign.

Content of the file

Your file includes:

  • A biography of the artist/group
  • For a group: the name of the author(s) and/or composer(s)
  • The discography
  • Proof of distribution (physical or digital)
  • A copy of the publishing contract
  • The list of titles and duration of the musical works on the album / EP
  • A detailed promotion and/or media plan
  • The invoice(s) of the items for which the support is requested.
  • A document with the agreement of the author(s) and/or composer(s)


  • Mention the Sabam For Culture logo / the collaboration with Sabam For Culture on all communication supports
  • Send us an activity report on the promotional campaign within three months following the release

Analysis of the application and payment of the support

  • Applications that meet all of the above criteria will be supported (subject to the available budget).
  • Applications are processed and responded within 30 days after submitting the file.
  • The support will be paid within 30 days of receipt of the invoice(s) to which the support application relates.

Submitting your file

Please send your file, along with the supporting documents, via e-mail to