Export grant for international concert series

Sabam For Culture supports its members taking part in an international concert series. The concerts are linked to the promotion of an official release and relate to supporting programmes and headline shows. Festivals are also eligible for support.


  • The applicant is a natural or legal person from Flanders or Brussels representing the artist, or an artist with effective residence or head office in Flanders or Brussels.
  • The applicant must already have proven his worth on Belgian stages, must already have received attention in the media and must be accompanied by a management and a booking agency.
  • The authors and composers of the performed works are affiliated to Sabam for the area concerned. The authors have at least 50% of the performed works to their name.
  • The concert series has an international, high quality character.
  • It concerns supporting programmes and/or headline concerts. Festivals are also eligible.
  • The concerts are dedicated to the promotion of a new album. There is an official release in the countries involved (surrounded by partners).
  • The concert series includes minimum five concerts over a period of maximum one month. If it concerns one foreign concert, you can apply for the grant ‘Showcase upon release abroad’. The two grants cannot be combined.
  • Belgian concerts will not be taken into account.
  • The application must be submitted at least one month before the concert series.
  • A maximum of one application per year per artist may be submitted, for a maximum of two consecutive years..

If your file does not meet the predefined criteria, the application must be motivated. Such files are submitted to an external commission.


  • The grant serves to cover expenses such as transport, accommodation, the possible rental of a space or backline, participation in promotional costs, fees for the musicians and technical crew.
  • The grant has a maximum amount of € 2,500.

The following items will be taken into account when granting the support:

  • The partners who set up the concert series.
  • The promotion carried out in the territory by the partners.
  • The reputation of the concert halls or festivals.
  • The importance of these concerts for the career of the music group.

What do we expect from you?

  • A detailed overview of receipts and expenses. This overview shall also include other grants or interventions received from governments, labels, publishers, sponsors,… The overview shall afterwards be justified with supporting documents (invoices), at the latest two months after the concert series.
  • The applicant provides an overview of the persons involved in the production of the concert series. A clear job description is given for each person.
  • The applicant provides a report explaining the achievements and possible future plans in the territories concerned.
  • The logo of Sabam For Culture is displayed on all promotional media (posters, flyers, videos).

Practical information

This grant applies to concerts that take place in 2019. The Sabam For Culture Commission reserves the right to refuse applications, depending on the available budget. The balance will be paid out after checking the supporting documents and after the concerts have taken place. The payment will be based on an invoice with the following information:

Sabam For Culture
Rue d’Arlon 75-77
1040 Brussels
BTW BE 0402.989.270

Message on invoice

Please specify on the invoice:
Grant for international concert series. Contribution to various expenses.
The VAT rate for persons subject to VAT amounts to 21%.

Submitting your file

Please send your file, along with the supporting documents, via e-mail to sabamforculture@sabam.be.