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Film music grant


Supporting original music composed for film, television and media projects in an international context. The grant provides an intervention in the resources needed for producing the music, in particular costs for the studio, musicians, editor, orchestrator,...


  • Feature films, television series, games, in a minority or majority coproduction with at least one other country.
  • The music budget, excluding licences for the use of existing music, is at least 1.5% of the overall budget of the film when this amounts to a maximum of € 4 million.


Film budget Budget original music Minimum percentage
€ 500.000 € 7.500 1,50%
€ 1.000.000 € 15.000 1,50%
€ 1.500.000 € 22.500 1,50%
€ 2.000.000 € 30.000 1,50%
€ 2.500.000 € 37.500 1,50%
€ 3.000.000 € 45.000 1,50%
€ 3.500.000 € 52.500 1,50%
€ 4.000.000 € 60.000 1,50%


Your budget is less than 500,000 euro? Even then you may be eligible for support, as long as the minimum percentage for original music is respected.

Above € 4 million, the budget of the original music may not be lower than € 60,000:

  • Included in the budget is a fair compensation for the composer. If the film producer also acts as a publisher, a secondary exploitation of the music must be provided.
  • The original music must be the main portion of the music present in the end result.
  • The composer(s) is/are affiliated to Sabam.


The grant amounts to 20% of the production budget (external studio costs, musicians, editor, orchestrator,...) of the original music, with a minimum of € 1,500 and a maximum of € 8,500.


The application is made by the producer, together with the composer, based on the total budget of the film and a detailed budget for the production of the original music.

An independent panel examines the application, in which the international character of the exploitation, the amount of the planned budget to enable the recordings and any secondary exploitations are decisive criteria.

Payment terms

In consultation with the producer, and depending on the production budget, the support is considered to be in addition to or an integral part of the original planned budget. Before payment of the grant, the relevant invoices must be presented to account for the costs incurred, together with the contract of the composer and the final cue sheet of the music of the film.

The producer undertakes to include an entry in the credits: Original music, created by composer X, with the support of Sabam for Culture; as well as the Sabam for Culture logo.

Submitting your file

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