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Grant for organising a writing camp

Sabam for Culture supports publishers with the organisation of a writing camp. With this grant, we want to stimulate the creation of new musical works and collaborations with international songwriters.


  • The publisher applying for support is affiliated with Sabam and has at least three artists under contract.
  • It concerns a co-organisation of at least two publishers.
  • At least four songwriters participate in the writing camp and at least half of them are members of Sabam.

What does this mean specifically?

  • The reimbursement amounts to half of the costs incurred (with a maximum of € 5,000).
  • If several Sabam members (publishers) apply for support for the same writing camp (co-organisation), the maximum support is limited to € 7,500 per writing camp. In this case, the support will be spread over the applicants, depending on the costs they incur.
  • A publisher can submit several applications for support per year. The maximum annual support is € 5,000 per publisher (depending on the available budget).
  • All costs relating to the production and to facilitating the writing session may be taken into account. Costs relating to the remuneration for participation in the writing session cannot be included in this application.

What do we expect from you?

  • The application for support must be motivated in a file.
  • The official application for support must be made at least one month before the start of the writing camp.
  • In this application, attention must be paid to the artistic part. All participating parties have to be mentioned (publishers, songwriters, possible artists or record companies). The songwriters have to be introduced by means of a short biography. Participation in previous writing camps has to be specified.
  • An estimate of the total costs of this project has to be made. Each cost item has to be substantiated in a financial plan. After the project, the costs have to be justified on the basis of supporting documents (invoices). The file also has to mention any interventions or subsidies received from third parties such as governments, labels and sponsors.
  • The applicant registers all musical works created with Sabam.
  • The results of the writing session are forwarded to Sabam for Culture.
  • The support and logo of Sabam for Culture are included in all communication surrounding the writing camp (e.g. announcement, aftermovie, briefing participants, etc.).
  • It is possible to place roll-ups during the event.
  • Sabam for Culture may communicate about the support and cooperation on its website.

Practical information

The available budget for this grant is divided over four quarters. The date of the writing camp determines in which quarter the application is processed.

Sabam for Culture has the right to remove cost items and to refuse applications if they do not meet the criteria.

The balance will be paid out after the supporting documents have been checked and after the writing camp has taken place.

Payment will be made on the basis of an invoice provided by the publisher(s) and issued to:
Sabam For Culture
Rue d’Arlon 75-77
1040 Brussels
VAT BE 0402.989.270

Invoice reference

Grant for organising a writing camp. Contribution to various costs.

A VAT rate of 21% applies to persons liable for VAT.

Submit your file 

Please send your file together with the necessary supporting documents to