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Promoting self-published productions

Sabam for Culture can bear part of your investment in a self-published production (record or CD). Please note that we do not refund amounts that have already been invested, but instead pay an advance for expenses that will be incurred. These expenses must relate to the promotion of the album.

Support up to € 1500

The grant covers your expenses for promoting your sound carrier in Belgium. The support amounts to a minimum of € 500 and a maximum of € 1500 for long playing albums (LP). A mini album (EP) can qualify for up to € 750.

The following promotion costs are eligible:

  • Promotion in the press, on radio and television
  • Production of a clip or teaser
  • Advertisements
  • Services of a Community Manager
  • Production of a remix or radio edit of an original track on the sound carrier


  • The author and/or composer is/are affiliated to Sabam
  • For groups, at least 50% of the authors and/or composers are affiliated to Sabam
  • The mechanical reproduction rights were paid to Sabam by the group or the artist (i.e. there was no 'exemption of royalties for self-published productions’).

The sound carrier:

  • contains at least 50% original repertoire
  • was pressed on at least 500 copies
  • is a first or second self-published production (new pressings are not eligible)
  • is an EP with at least 4 tracks or an LP (CD and/or record)
  • is physically distributed in the mainstream market (this condition is not required for an EP)

What do we expect?

A file containing:

  • a biography of the artist/group (up to 1 page)
  • proof that the mechanical rights were paid
  • a copy of the cover of the sound carrier
  • a distribution certificate (for LPs)
  • a promotion and/or media plan
  • a quotation of the promotional costs incurred

What do we expect in return?

  • that the logo of Sabam for Culture is displayed on the back of the (CD/Vinyl/…) cover and all promotion material
  • an activity report on the promotional campaign (reviews, airplay, TV appearances, showcases,...)
  • 2 albums as proof  

Analysis of the application and payment of the support

  • Applications that meet the above criteria will be supported (subject to the available budget)
  • Within 15 days after submitting your file, you will be informed of the decision and the corresponding amount
  • The support will be paid within 30 days after approval of your application
  • It is important that you provide us with proof of payment of the invoices no later than 3 months after payment of the support. If you do not do this, Sabam reserves the right to demand repayment of the support.

Submitting your file 

Please send your file, along with the supporting documents, via e-mail to