Showcase upon release abroad

Purpose of the support

Give artists from Flanders or Brussels the opportunity to perform abroad in order to promote the release of their first or second album. The showcase aims to invite professionals and get a foothold in the country concerned. The artist(s) and their entourage (managers, bookers, labels, promotion,…) ensure that local professionals (booker, record company or press officer) participate in the organisation and promotion of the performance, across all possible channels (press, media, social media, invitations of professionals,…), in order to increase the chances of success.

Eligibility criteria

To quality for this support, the artist:

  • must already have proven his worth on Belgian stages, must already have received attention in the media and must be accompanied by a management and a booking agency
  • must either be a natural person or a legal person from Flanders or Brussels who represents the artist, or an artist with effective residence or headquarters in Flanders or Brussels
  • must submit the application at least 2 months before the performance(s)

Qualify for support:

  • performances demonstrating the effective relationship with professional partners from the country concerned, for instance a producer for one concert date, the cooperation of a local publisher/booker/label, pre-made media promotion showing interest,…
  • the concert takes place at a location where there is a real chance that professionals from the music sector are present
  • performances organised with the help of a professional from Flanders or Brussels who can set up collaborations with the local professional scene through his practical knowledge of the area concerned
  • the concert does not concern a supporting act. The artist is the main act that evening
  • to qualify for this support, the authors and composers of the performed works must be affiliated to Sabam for the area concerned. The authors represent at least 50% of the performed works.
  • the grant serves to cover expenses for transport, accommodation, the possible rental of a room or backline, participation in the promotion costs of the evening, fees for the musicians and technical crew.


In addition to a detailed description of the foreign playing opportunity, please add the following information:

  • a detailed costing (receipts – expenses). This overview shall also include other grants or interventions received from governments, labels, publishers, sponsors,… The costing shall afterwards be justified with supporting documents (invoices)
  • the applicant shall provide an overview of everyone involved in the production (travel party). In addition to the number of participants, each function shall be clearly defined (musicians and technicians, management, booker,…)
  • after the performance(s), a report shall be delivered containing information on the professionals that were present, reactions, contacts, media attention, proposals for other performances,… The promotional part (media plan) shall also be addressed.

Practical information

This grant is for concerts that take place in 2018. The support is limited to 50% of the expenses incurred by the artist and amounts to a maximum of € 2,500. The balance/sum will be paid, based on an invoice sent to us, after the supporting documents have been checked and the concerts have taken place.

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Please specify on the invoice:
Release showcase abroad. Contribution to various expenses.
The VAT rate for persons subject to VAT amounts to 21%.

Submitting your file  

Please send your file, along with the supporting documents, via e-mail to