Support for winners of a VAF Wildcard

Sabam for Culture supports the winners of a VAF Wildcard with a grant for film music. Everyone who receives a Wildcard from the VAF (Flanders Audiovisual Fund) can claim this grant.

Conditions of the grant

  • Original music composed for the film (at least 60% of the total music in the film)
  • The composer(s) is/are affiliated to Sabam.
  • The amount awarded may only be used for composing and producing original music (fee composer, musicians & recording)
  • The application is made by the composer. Payment can be made through the composer or producer
  • The film must be in production. Wildcards from previous years can therefore submit an application.
  • Mention of the Sabam for Culture grant on the VAF website, in press releases, etc.
  • Display of the Sabam for Culture logo in the closing credits of the film

The film music grants vary according to the genre of the production:

  • Fiction / Animation up to € 3,000
  • Documentary up to € 2,000
  • FilmLab up to € 1,500

For more information, please contact Sabam for Culture at