Although our offices will be closed until September 30th and our employees are working from home, we will continue to advise and assist you. Your royalties will also be paid out as planned.

If you have any questions, please consult our list of FAQs. You did not find the answer to your question? Contact us via our contact form. This way, your question will be treated with priority. Do you still want to reach us by phone? Until September 30th you can reach us every working day between 9.30 am and 1 pm, on 02 286 84 84.


Discover our range of creative grants for theatre authors here.

  • Creative grants in the “professional sector”: each year, Sabam offers creative grants. The grant amounts to €3000, €1500 of which goes to the author for writing a text for a professional theatre company. The other €1500 goes to the theatre company for actually producing the piece.
  • Creative grants “Multimedia“ and "Choreography": Sabam also offers €1500 creative grants for multimedia performances and choreography. These grants are intended for the author of a multimedia performance and for the choreographer of a dance spectacle, respectively.
  • Creative grants for “Theatre music”: each year, Sabam offers €1500 creative grants for theatre music. These grants are intended for composers of theatre music.


  • The author is or becomes a member of Sabam and has generated copyright royalties. If it concerns a co-authorship, the share of the author/composer/choreographer affiliated to Sabam must be more than representative;
  • An intention note about the project must be provided;
  • The author(s), director, producer provide(s) us with his/their curriculum vitae;
  • The author provides us with a project description;
  • The grant is paid once the author accepts the order (copy of agreement);
  • The producer supplies us with a copy of the performance agreement in order to prove the authenticity of the production;
  • The producer provides us with a copy of the programme;
  • The producer specifies “with the support of Sabam” as well as the Sabam for Culture logo on the programme, on possible posters and other promotional documents. The logo will be provided along with the announcement that the application for a grant was accepted.
  • In order to avoid yearly recurring writers, a new grant can only be applied for every two years.

Please submit your application to Tania Ghyselinck, PR-Press, Corporate Communication Sabam, Rue d’Arlon 75-77, 1040 Brussels

Annual deadlines

31.03 and 30.09

More info

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