Are you the maker of a written work or picture that has appeared in a book, catalogue, magazine or newspaper? Don't forget to report your publications!

One word of explanation: Every year Sabam receives payments for photocopies made of your works from Reprobel, the collective management association that collect i.a. the reprography royalties from manufacturers and importers of photocopying machines and from the users who make copies.

In order to pay you the royalties to which you are entitled, we have to rely on your support. Without this information, however, we cannot distribute the royalties because they are calculated according to the number of copies of the publication produced, the number of pages, etc.

If you have not yet made a declaration, but did publish works in 2018, please fill in a form and return it before 30 September 2019 to

Except for your works that appeared or were published in 2018 on graphic media, you can also submit a form up until the above date for publications from 2017 and/or 2016 that you have not yet declared to Sabam.

You can find the declaration and distribution regulations in conjunction with reprography rights below.

Declaration and distribution regulations for reprography rights (NL) - (FR)


REPROBEL and Sabam

Reprobel is a cooperative organisation. It was appointed by Royal Decree to collect the reprography royalties in Belgium. It consists of two colleges, the Authors' College and the Publishers' College, between which the collections are equally divided. Reprobel operates in an international context as a member of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO).

In addition to other Belgian copyrights and publishers' organisation, Sabam also has a seat in both colleges of Reprobel. It claims the reprography rights due to its members.

Your reprography royalties received by Sabam are distributed once a year.

Declaration forms: