Do I need permission to quote a work (film, text, music, photo,...) by another author?

It is sometimes said that you can reproduce extracts of works (music, films, texts, etc.) without permission as long as these extracts are not too long. That's not true.

There is a right to quote, but this is subject to certain conditions (see Article XI.189 §1 of the Code of Economic Law):

  1. The quotation must be made in the context of criticism, polemics, reviews, education or scientific work.
  2. The quotation must be justified in the context of the objective you have in mind. The extract should therefore not be longer than necessary to clarify what is to be explained.
  3. The title of the work and the name of the author must be stated.
  4. The quotation must come from a work that has already been made public. Quoting a work that an author has not yet wished to make public amounts to a violation of his/her right to disclosure.

Please make sure that the permission covers both copyright and any neighbouring rights (rights of producers, performing artists and broadcasting organisations).

And keep in mind that the rightholders have an exclusive right and are therefore free to impose their conditions.