How do I take care of the synchronisation rights?

1. Existing music

Option 1: the work has been published.
Please contact the publisher(s). The contact details can be found in our online catalogue.

Option 2: the work has not been published.
Please contact us.

Existing recording

Follow option 1 or 2 and also contact the owner of the recording rights (i.e. the record company or the producer).

All rightholders may prohibit the use of their work. Are you allowed to use the work? Then they may determine the corresponding fee. There is no minimum or maximum fee.

2. Library music

Library music (also known as stock music or production music) consists of repertoire that has been composed and/or compiled to accompany audio(visual) productions.

Several publishers manage such a repertoire. They represent both the authors and the rightholders of the recordings.

Do you want to use library music? Please ask us for permission, because we manage the rights. It is not possible to obtain permission from one of the publishers.

Below you will find an overview of companies that sell library music:


3. Original music

Do you have music composed for your production? Then you make a direct agreement with the composer. With this standard agreement, you can make clear arrangements.

Is the composer a member of Sabam or another authors' association? Then he will also register his work there.

4. Music from the public domain

Music from the public domain is free of copyright. This concerns works of which the surviving author or composer died more than seventy years ago.

Existing recording

Are you using an existing recording? If so, please contact the record company concerned first.