I'm organising a film screening. What do I have to do to be in order?

To organise a film screening in Flanders and Brussels, you should first contact the association Bevrijdingsfilms.

If they represent the chosen film, they will calculate and invoice the copyright royalties for both the music and the images.

If the film is not represented by Bevrijdingsfilms, you must notify Sabam of the film screening at least 48 hours before the screening via eLicensing (FR version - NL version), our online registration module with which you can submit an application in just a few clicks. The copyrights for the music in the film are then taken care of. You can find the applied rate here (FR - NL).

It is also important that you contact the producer(s)/distributor of the film. These details can be found on the cover of the film, video, DVD,…

To organise a film screening in Wallonia, the same procedure applies. In this case however, you have to contact the association Libération Films.