I'm releasing an album of my own with only my own songs. Do I have to pay reproduction rights?

Are you an associate of Sabam and do we manage your rights? Then the mechanical reproduction rights have to be paid, even if you release your own works on a sound carrier (self-production).

You may however be eligible for a copyright exemption (limited to a maximum of 1000 copies per catalogue number) if you meet the conditions below. There is also an administrative cost of € 50 (+ 21% VAT) per licence application.

  • the author(s)/composer(s) is/are 100% owner of all works on the sound carrier;
  • the applicant may not be a legal entity (non-profit association, private limited company,...);
  • the manufacturing costs are entirely at the expense of the author(s)/composer(s);
  • the works may not have been published at the time of the application;
  • Sabam has no obligation to the publisher if the works are published AFTER the self-released production. The author(s)/composer(s) is/are in that case directly liable to the publisher if the latter claims the copyrights for the pressing concerned;
  • the exemption only applies to authors/composers who are members of Sabam;
  • the application of the exemption must be explicitly requested.

Be sure to take a look at our brochure for music on a sound carrier (FR - NL).