May I duplicate on CD-R myself?

This is certainly possible, but you must first and foremost send us an application for reproduction. You can easily do this via eLicensing (FR version - NL version).

The collection amounts to 8% on the retail price of the CD (excluding VAT), with an absolute minimum of:

    - € 60 per application for reproduction of singles (2 works / max. 10min.)

    - € 125 per application for reproduction of albums (18 works / max. 80min.)

The rate is per copy and is increased by 6% VAT.

It is also mandatory to attach a tamper-proof and non-reusable hologram to each CD-R.

This hologram costs € 0.09 each (incl. VAT) and will automatically be added to your invoice.

For your information:
Under ‘label’ you fill in the name of the music label. If you release the work yourself, you can choose any name you want. As far as Sabam is concerned, your label name has then been created and no further formalities need to be completed.

Under ‘catalogue number’ you enter the catalogue number of the release. A catalogue number is always ascending. If you self-release the work, please use an abbreviation of the label name and the numbers 01 for your first release.

Under ‘graphic reproduction’, please only tick ‘yes’ if you are using protected images on the cover of the work.

Be sure to take a look at our brochure for music on a sound carrier (FR - NL).