What should I do if I want to release a DVD?

For a music DVD (e.g. recording of a concert), please submit your application for reproduction via eLicensing (FR version - NL version).

The collection amounts to 8% on the retail price (excl. VAT), with an absolute minimum of:

    - € 0.2576 for 2 works / max. 10 min.

    - € 0.3968 for 4 works / max. 20 min.

    - € 0.8312 for 18 works / max. 80 min.

If it concerns the reproduction of an audiovisual production containing musical works from the Sabam repertoire, you need a licence. Please provide us with the form ‘Licence application for the use of music in an audiovisual production’ FR - NL (for the sake of clarity: an audiovisual production has music in the background, whereas a music DVD has music in the foreground.)

The fee due corresponds to 3.5% of the wholesale price. We take into account the duration of the music in relation to the total duration of the film. However, it is important to note that a minimum fee of € 0.11 per copy applies (or per DVD if it concerns a box).

Are the director(s) and/or screenwriter(s) also affiliated to Sabam? Then you pay an additional fee that corresponds to 6.10% of the wholesale price (with a minimum fee of € 0.19 per copy or per DVD if it concerns a box).

Attention: we cannot decide whether or not you may use a certain track in an audiovisual work. You have to arrange this directly with the rightholders or their publisher and possibly the producer of the recording. You can look up the contact details of the rightholders via our website.