Support for making a video clip or live session

As visual content is becoming more and more important, Sabam For Culture is offering a new grant for the production of a video clip or live session. Through this grant, you will receive a refund of up to 50% of the costs incurred. The maximum amount of support is € 1,500 per video clip or live session.


General conditions

You must submit the application at least two months before the recording or production. 

The artist or members of the music group are exclusive members of Sabam as author/composer. It concerns an original song (i.e. no cover or arrangement) that belongs to the Sabam repertoire.

An artist or music group can only claim this grant once.

You clearly describe the concept of the audiovisual production and add a detailed cost overview in which all costs are accounted for with official invoices.

You use the support to finance the audiovisual production. The support is paid to the party that bears the costs.

The audiovisual production is managed by a director/screenwriter (not applicable to the production of a live session).

The Sabam For Culture logo must be displayed either at the beginning or at the end of the video clip or live session and you must mention the support in the accompanying text.

The person submitting the project must register both the audiovisual production and the musical work at Sabam.

This grant cannot be combined with the ‘grant for promoting self-published productions’, nor with the ‘support for a publishing company for promoting an album of its authors and composers’.


What do we expect from you?

  • A detailed overview of all costs. If there are other financial partners, their support must also be specified. Afterwards, this overview must be accounted for with supporting documents (invoices).
  • The applicant gives an overview of the music that is used in the production (names of the songwriters).
  • The applicant shall list the persons involved in the audiovisual production.
  • The concept of the video clip or live session must be clearly described.
  • The applicant provides a report showing the plans concerning the video (period of release and potential partners).
  • The Sabam For Culture logo must be displayed.


Practical information

The Sabam For Culture Commission reserves the right to reject support applications or specific expense items. The grant is available as long as the budget allows. The date of application will be taken into account. The amount will be paid out after checking the supporting documents (invoices). Payment will be made on the basis of an invoice with the following details:

Sabam For Culture
Rue d’Arlon 75-77
1040 Brussels
BTW BE 0402.989.270


Please specify on the invoice:

Support for the production of a video clip or live session. Contribution to various costs.

The VAT rate for persons subject to VAT amounts to 21%.



Please send your application, along with the supporting documents, to