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1. General terms and conditions

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2. Liability of Sabam

The information on this website has been put together in good faith in order to provide explanations on Sabam, the Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers, and its services. If this information were however to be incomplete or contain errors, Sabam can in no way be held liable. Further, neither can Sabam be held liable for potential damage, of any nature whatsoever, which is the consequence of or relates to the use of or access to the website or which is the consequence of or relates to the material, information, evaluations or recommendations indicated on this website.

Sabam may, at any time and without prior warning, make the necessary modifications and/or adjustments to the information and material present on this website.

3. Intellectual property rights

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Some company names, signs, logos or designs and models which potentially appear on our website may be protected by intellectual or industrial property rights. It is not hence authorised to use them freely.

Sabam's databases, among which the database related to its repertoire, which are made available to the public via this website are the exclusive intellectual property of Sabam, including their content, layout, structure, composition, arrangement and language.
It is not permitted to reproduce, copy, send, distribute, broadcast, sell, publish, issue, circulate, arrange or modify these databases, in whole or in part. It is only allowed to consult the accessible data of these databases without modifying them. Any exploitation of these databases therefore requires the prior written consent of Sabam, unless this is not required by law.

The automatic acceptance of these general terms and conditions may not, under any circumstance, be interpreted in the sense of or be assimilated to the obtaining of a licence or any other right of use in respect of this information, data, products or services protected by intellectual or industrial property rights.

4. Links

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5. Applicable legislation and competent courts

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