Dj licence

If you wish to apply for a DJ licence, you can do this quite simply via e-Licensing. Once the invoice has been paid, the DJ licence is sent out via e-mail.

Yearly fee 2019 € 221.13 + 6% VAT



Request a licence online for the work you want to use



An annual lump sum of EUR 221.13 + 6% VAT, the proportion of the related rights for SIMIM, is payable as consideration for this permit.

For the first year the royalty is reduced in relation to the remaining months of the year, whereby the current month is regarded as a complete month. The royalty cannot be refunded if the activities as DJ cease during the course of the year.

What is the DJ licence?

The DJ licence is a permit to make copies of your own music collection to support your activities as a DJ.


What are the advantages?

The use of copied audio media and digital music files makes it possible to create compilations, the audio media used are far easier to transport and you are protected against theft, damage or wear or the original media. The digitisation of audio media (on PC) offers the possibility of using all kinds of software programme and makes the whole music collection quickly accessible.


Why is a DJ licence necessary?

The DJ licence was created in 2007 at the request of the DJ sector because the permission to use reproductions (i.e. copies) outside the family was not included in the authors' rights. According to Article 22, § 1 (5) and Article 46 (4) of the act of 30 June 1994 on the authors' rights and related rights, no prior permission is necessary for the reproduction of a music work if this takes place within the family and intended solely for use within the family. For all copies that do not fall under this exemption, express permission from the holder of the rights to the music is therefore necessary. These rights holders are represented by Sabam and SIMIM.


What are the conditions for a DJ licence?

A DJ licence is award on a number of conditions. For example, the copies may only be used by the DJ whose name and address are printed on the licence. Furthermore, the DJ must be in possession of the original audio media and downloads of which he makes the copies.

General terms and conditions - DJ licence (FR version)

Do you use only legally obtained original audio media and music files? In this case you don't need a DJ licence.


Youth clubs

Youth clubs that are members of an umbrella youth club federation and/or are recognised by a government authority can also be considered for this licence. The only difference to the DJ licence is that the original audio media and/or legal digital music files must be present in the youth club. All other conditions remain the same.



Unisono is the name under which Sabam and SIMIM work and act together, a real one-stop shop. It is under this trade name also that the DJ licences are offered to DJs.