If you are organising an event, then you could well use part of Sabam's (inter)national repertoire. You need a licence for this – and have to apply for this licence to us in advance.

The amount to be paid depends on the type of event, the admission fee, the floor area, etc. In exchange you get a licence that allows you to make free use of our repertoire.

Check out our tariffs here, or calculate immediately how much you will have to pay via e-Licensing, our handy tool with which you can declare events online.


Request a licence online for the work you want to use

If you are not sure whether or not you will be using protected works, check out our repertoire or send us a playlist before your event via e-Licensing.

Click here for our repertoire.

Further information on the general conditions can be found here (NL) - (FR).

Are you looking for information on a particular tariff? You can find all of them here in Dutch or in French!


Other documents:

Prior declaration of non-use of the repertoire represented by Sabam (NL) - (FR)