Special provisions


A special arrangement exists for companies, associations and public services where a large part of the staff:

  • is employed in publicly accessible business premises for which a fee is already paid to Sabam (copyrights) and to the Fair Remuneration (neighbouring rights) for the use of music;
  • cannot listen to music, which under certain conditions can lead to a calculation of the rights in deviation from the total number of FTEs registered on the social balance sheet.

All companies or groups of companies, associations or public services that are not in one of the above situations have the possibility to request a special arrangement as regards copyright pricing, when the general pricing structure is not adapted to the specific business situation.

Public business premises

Impossibility of listening to music in the company, association or public service





Conditions for applying special arrangements

  1. The company, association or public service must always contact Unisono if it wants to make use of the possibility of a special arrangement.
  2. Each application must be substantiated, based on objective and verifiable data and supported by evidence.
    If Unisono refuses the application for a special arrangement, it shall give reasons for this decision on the basis of objective and verifiable data.
  3. In the absence of objective and verifiable data, the company, association or public service shall grant Unisono access for verification purposes.
  4. Where it is established that the company, association or public service is in a situation covered by a special arrangement as provided above, Unisono shall apply the special rate.
  5. The special arrangements shall apply only to music in the workplace and the combination rate and shall be interpreted restrictively.
  6. However, if it turns out that the application of the general rate is more advantageous, then the general rate will of course remain applicable.


The Unisono rates (excl. 6% VAT) specified in this section are indexed annually. Copyrights are indexed on the basis of the consumer price index of December n-1 (base index 1996), while neighbouring rights are indexed based on the health index of December n-1 (base: September 2017).

These rates take effect from the month of the application for a special arrangement in case you apply for a Unisono licence for playing music in non-publicly accessible business premises at the same time.

If you already have a Unisono licence for the use of music in the workplace and you apply for a special arrangement at a later date, then the special rate takes effect from the year of the application.