Telephone hold music

Companies, associations or public services who play hold music on their telephone lines also need to apply for a user licence (insofar as the music works belong to the repertoire of the collective management organisations concerned). The tariffs are calculated on the basis of the number of telephone lines that can be connected simultaneously from the exchange to the outside world. A distinction is made when calculating the tariff between normal and commercial (paying) telephone lines.

  Annual rate excl 6% VAT
ordinary lines / FTE (*) commercial lines COPYRIGHTS
consumer price index 152.23
consumer price index 152.23
from to  
1 5 1 27,30 € 29,70 €
6 10 2 54,60 € 59,40 €
11 15 3 81,90 € 89,10 €
16 20 4 109,20 € 118,80 €
additional 5 lines additional line 27,30 € 29,70 €
Index 151,33


(*) For telephone exchanges with IP technology (Internet protocol), the tariff is calculated on the basis of the number of FTEs (full time equivalents) reported in the company's social balance sheet (n-1).

In a number of cases, the music is supplied together with the exchange equipment. If the supplier provides proof that the royalties for both the authors' rights and the related rights have been paid or are not payable, no application has to be made for a new user licence.