How do I become a member of Sabam?

Becoming a member of Sabam is easy.

Just fill in this form to get things rolling.

Be sure to keep the following things at hand: 

  • a double-sided copy of your ID card;
  • your IBAN number and BIC code.

Next you will have to register a number of works or provide us with extra information (depending on the discipline(s) in which you are active). 

After your membership is confirmed, you will receive your membership contract. Sign it digitally to complete your registration.

Becoming a member of Sabam also means you become an associate of Sabam. As such, in addition to paying a one-off administrative fee, you will also have to subscribe to a share.

The administrative fee amounts to 75 euros for authors and 200 euros for publishers.

You can subscribe to: 

  • a full share (124 euros);
  • a partial share (31 euro).

In the first case, you have the right to vote at our general meeting, whereas in the second case you may only attend this meeting.

Please note that the amount of your share will be returned to you should you ever resign from Sabam.