About Sabam

Sabam was founded in 1922 by authors and for authors. As a private company, Sabam manages and distributes the royalties that come to the authors. It is the intermediary between the creative artist and the user of the works. Sabam guarantees a fair remuneration of the authors for the use of their works outside the family circle.

Being the largest cultural company in Belgium, it represents 41,000 authors and more than 4 million creations. Sabam is playing an active role in the distribution of cultural products in Belgium and abroad by way of the support it grants to authors and of the network it puts at disposal.

Sabam represents the Belgian as well as the international musical repertoire. Sabam is a multidisciplinary society and is made up of composers, lyricists, publishers, playwrights, choreographers, directors, scriptwriters, writers of dialogues, radio makers, authors of subtitles, translators, novelists, poets, comic strip authors, illustrators, journalists, sculptors, painters, video makers, drawers, photographers, graphic artists, ...

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