Authors, composers and publishers welcome vote in favour of European Copyright Directive
September 13, 2018

Brussels, 12 September 2018

Today, the European Parliament voted in favour of the European Copyright Directive that provides better protection for authors and other right holders and is a step towards fair compensation for the online use of their works by platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. At the same time, it protects consumers from the content they created and uploaded. Platforms will finally have to take responsibility for the active role they play in distributing protected works.

As many as 438 MEPs voted in favour of the directive. 226 voted against and 39 members abstained.

Sabam is pleased with this result. “This is the first step towards a new Europe. A strong Europe that stands up for the rights of its citizens. A Europe in which cultural diversity and creativity prevail within an open Internet. Europe will no longer let itself be pushed around by a handful of powerful tech giants and instead chooses to protect its authors and artists and guarantee the compensation they deserve”, says Carine Libert, CEO of the authors' association.

Tom Kestens – musician and author/composer (Das Pop, LaLaLover,…): “Our art and culture scene is world-renowned. Far too long have we allowed it to be seriously weakened by a legal gap. From now on, this is resolved. Online platforms will no longer be able to get rich on the back of creators in Europe. The critical and creative voices of our democracy will be protected again. Europe's moral compass is once again pointing in the right direction. All Europeans can be proud of that.”

Axelle Red – singer songwriter: “A majority in the European Parliament today voted in favour of protecting European culture makers. American Internet giants such as Google and YouTube will have to bear this in mind from now on. I want to thank the MEPs who recognised the importance of this vote for their support, following my visit to Strasbourg earlier this year. This is a historic day. It does not happen often that the American entertainment industry as well was looking at Europe to set an example.”


About Sabam

Sabam is the Belgian association for authors, composers and publishers. It manages the rights of more than 43,000 members in 5 domains: music, film & television, theatre & dance, visual arts and literature. In 2020, Sabam distributed more than € 112 million in copyright royalties. In addition, it supported more than 700 local cultural initiatives that same year, through Sabam for Culture. More than 200 employees in Brussels are working every day to defend the rights of authors. In 2022, Sabam will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

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