My audiovisual work is being broadcast on television in Belgium. Which copyright royalties am I going to receive?

When one of your works is being broadcast on television, we calculate the amount of the royalties based on following parameters:

1. the amount of royalties that the broadcaster is paying us

2. the number of works among which we distribute this sum

3. the number of points that we attribute to your work:

- fiction or documentary film: 5 points

- report, video clip or advert: 3 points

- visual credits: 1 point

- …

4. the duration of the work

5. the number of broadcasts

6. if your work is a production (on request) of the broadcaster

If your work is a production of the broadcaster, you will also receive mechanical rights next to your performing rights.

The first two parameters in the list vary each year. Consequently, it is difficult to estimate beforehand how many royalties your broadcast will generate.