My music is used on TV. Do I have to give permission for this?

Television broadcasters constantly use musical works that are protected by copyright. It is impossible for them to apply for separate permission for each work.

Broadcasters therefore conclude general agreements with copyright management organisations whereby they receive broad permission to use copyright-protected musical works.

There are, however, a number of exceptions for which permission must be requested. This concerns the use of your music in:

  • the opening or closing credits of a programme
  • films and (fiction) series
  • commercials

In the case of an audiovisual genre for which no permission is required, the nature of the product plays a role. For example, your work may not be combined with publicity or sponsorship. If that is the intention, a separate permission must be requested. You can refuse this or set specific demands.

Moreover, your moral rights are always reserved. If you disagree with a particular use of your work, you can lodge an objection with the broadcaster on the basis of these moral rights.