When has the number of copies to be mentioned on the registration forms for reprography?

For books: only for the books that belong to the categories “Educational and scientific texts” (EDSC), “Literary texts” (LIT) and “Other texts” (AUT). If, with the registration, the number of copies is not mentioned, a circulation of 5,000 copies will be attributed for the EDSC category and of 1,500 copies for the two other categories. The numbers lower than these figures will be automatically upgraded in order to reach those levels.

The books are published neither in French nor in Dutch? A maximum number of 5,000 copies is consequently applied for the EDSC category and a number of 400 copies for the other categories.

A fixed number of copies will exclusively be taken into account for the “non-books” that fall under categories EDSC, LIT and AUT. We apply to texts published in French and in Dutch a number of 5,000 copies. For texts published in another language, we apply a number of 125 copies.