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Sabam collects royalties for fiction films and series, animated films and series, audiovisual sketches, documentary dramas, documentaries, reports, video clips, creative generics, advertising spots and video art.

If there is any doubt as to which category a particular product belongs, the work is presented to a commission which decides on the category. You can view the rules of procedure of the commission here.

Rule of procedure of text and audiovisual work classification commission (NL) - (FR)

By the author of an audiovisual work we mean the director, the scriptwriter, the editor, the text writer and the graphic designer of animations in an audiovisual work. They have to submit a declaration together so that we can distribute the royalties correctly.

The standard distribution key per genre can be found in Article 48 of the Global Agreement. The co-authors are free, however, to agree on a different distribution of the royalties.

It is best if you attach a copy of the production contract to the declaration so that we can check the agreements on the authors' royalties between author and producer.

Report the broadcasts of your works to us! If you know of a performance, you can report it to us at any time. In this way you can be sure that we are up-to-date on all performances.

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You can declare your audiovisual works at any time also via the declaration form. The document for the cue sheet can also be found here.

Declaration form – audiovisual work (NL) - (FR)

Declaration form – film music (NL) - (FR)