Sabam distinguishes between two types of collection: Individual and collective collections.

Individual collections

Individual collections are collections where we know exactly for which numbers (and hence also for which rights holders) we invoice a particular amount.

Examples of individual collections are concerts, but also the collection on the pressing of digital media (CD, DVD, etc.), during the production of advertising spots or video clips in which music is used, for the online use of music, etc.

With these collections the list of the works used is checked as standard so that we can distribute the authors' royalties correctly.

Theatre collections therefore belong to this category.

Collective collections

Collective collections are collections from the media, etc. If one of your shows is, for example, broadcast on TV, the collection for this falls into this category.


Once the authors' royalties have been collected, they naturally also have to be distributed.

This is done on the basis of the playlists that we receive and according to the allocation key defined by the authors when declaring their work.

When exactly the distributions take place can be seen from the list below.

Information on your rights abroad and the list of countries with which Sabam has concluded reciprocity agreements can be found here.

Overview of reciprocity contracts