Use of pre-existing music or pre-existing pictures in a film

For this kind of question, you don’t have to turn to Sabam but you have to directly contact the publisher/producer of the music/pictures that you wish to use.

You can easily find online (via Google, or iTunes) the production company’s address data.

You wish to use pre-existing music? Please contact the publisher of the music in question. In order to obtain further information on the owner of the work’s musical publishing, you can consult our online repertoire through
this link.

You will find here the address data of the subpublisher for Belgium, to whom you can then address your licence application.

These production societies will probably propose you a catalogue price. Generally, this price is not a bargain. Consequently, you have to try to negotiate with them in order to cut the price as much as you can.

You also have to take into consideration that it is possible that you will not receive any answer to your licence application. In this case, it is important to keep evidence that you have done all the necessary in order to obtain the right concerned. Unfortunately, this is no guarantee for you that no claim will be possibly lodged in future by the right holders of the works as they must, in principle, grant the licence prior to any use of their works.

Consequently, it is wise to plan a provision for the case the right holders would manifest themselves.