You can count on us. Your royalties will be paid out as planned.
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Why become a member of Sabam?

First of all, every author is entitled to financial compensation when his or her work is used in public.

Do you sometimes perform? Are your works streamed, played on radio, TV,…? Then it is quite complicated if not impossible to follow up on this yourself. 

What do we do for you? Basically, we take all the administrative hassle out of your hands, so that you can fully focus on your creative activities. 

Please note it is not useful to join Sabam if your works are not (yet) being used. 

If you are solely a performing artist (singer, musician,…) and you don’t write your own work, there is no point in joining Sabam either. However you may be entitled to neighbouring rights royalties. In that case it is useful to join PlayRight, the organisation managing these royalties.