Daniël Verstappen
Daniël Verstappen translates love for piano into “Soulmate”
October 24, 2017

One of the promising talents that crossed our path during Midem 2017 is Daniël Verstappen, a young musician/composer who is almost physically attached to his favourite instrument: the piano. His unconditional love for this instrument formed the inspiration for his single “Soulmate” and album “From the heart”.
In the summer of 2016, Daniel secluded himself for one week in a Czech castle near Prague.
“Music connects people”  
Daniël: "In the Morakova castle, completely separated from the outside world, I was able to fully immerse myself in the musical world in which I realised my first album. Just like the main track of the album, titled “From the heart”, “Soulmate” is linked to a deeper meaning.
Since I was five I played the piano, so I could deal with my emotions. At a young age, I was already writing compositions with appropriate titles. Compare it to someone who knows you even better than you know yourself, someone who is always there to listen to your story without judging. I am sure that a lot of people can relate to my story.
Furthermore I want to connect people with my music. “Music connects people” "

What the future may hold
Daniel: "I compose my music “à la minute”, on short term, so I can focus completely on the song I’m working on. A fairly quick ‘sequel’ containing lots of drama, passion and massiveness is in the works.
Daniël hopes to reach as wide a public as possible, both young and old.
By highlighting the classical piano in a modern and innovative way, with corresponding light and virtual / three-dimensional effects, my goal is to perform not only at concert halls, but also at international festivals."
Any film directors who can contact you for a soundtrack? "Erik Van Looy, Stijn Coninx, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and many others! (laughs)
My ultimate concert location? The Royal Albert Hall in London, no doubt! (laughs). Not only because it is a world-renowned concert hall, but also because I like authentic buildings, churches, castles,… with a special architecture, whether they are restored or not."

"I would also like my compositions to be used on TV, in commercials and films. I continue to develop my live performance so that I can perform on various stages, with singers, crew and musicians. My management is currently busy negotiating a number of concrete international offers. The UK, South-Africa and Asia are already on the planning. I will not yet reveal what’s going to happen, but keep an eye on my social media networks and website! (laughs)"  (TG)


Missing media item.


I compose my music “à la minute”, on short term, so I can focus completely on the song I’m working on.



On October 20th, the single (both piano and full version) will be released in all online stores (iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music,…).

On  September 24th, Daniël presented “Soulmate” to a select audience in Maaseik. The release of the video clip will largely serve as international promotional material.




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