Monitor the status of your performances abroad
July 19, 2021

Do you want to monitor the status of your performances abroad? This is now possible in real time for alerts that you submitted to us from 01/07/2019. This way, you will always be informed about the processing and payment of your royalties from abroad.

What do you have to do?

Change your settings quickly and easily in MySabam. Go to MyProfile, select ‘Options’, and tick this option:

‘I would like to be informed when my declarations are processed in MyPlaylist’. 

You will then receive an email notification for each status update of your alert.

We will inform you in following cases:

  • Ready to process: Your playlist has been successfully submitted.
  • Send to society: We have sent your playlist to the foreign authors’ society. 
  • Reminder sent: We have sent a reminder to the foreign authors’ society.
  • Royalties to be expected in next Sabam distribution: Sabam has received your royalties. We will pay them to you on your next distribution statement. 
  • Royalties to be expected in next distribution from society: We expect to receive your royalties with the next settlement of the foreign authors’ society to Sabam. 
  • Closed with no royalties to be expected: Based on the feedback we received from the foreign authors’ society, we conclude that you will not receive any royalties for this playlist.
  • Royalties already paid: Sabam has already received and paid your royalties. 

Check your status yourself?

You prefer not to receive a notification for each status update? But you prefer to consult the status of your performance abroad where and when you want it? This is also easily done via MyPlaylist in MySabam. 

Select ‘My submitted declarations’ and click the eye.

You don’t have a MySabam-account yet? Wait no longer! Ask for one via

And your performances in Belgium?

For the time being, we only offer these status updates for your performances abroad. We will be extending this service to include your domestic performances soon. 


Do you have any questions?

Our Customer Service will gladly assist you as soon as possible.


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