Do I receive a fee from Sabam if one of my works is used abroad?

Sabam has reciprocal agreements with most foreign authors' societies. On the basis of these agreements, sister associations manage the exploitation of works of Sabam associates on their territory.

In concrete terms, this means that they collect copyright royalties every time a work of a Sabam associate is reproduced or performed on their territory. These royalties are then transferred to Sabam, which then distributes them to its associates.

It is a little different for audiovisual works. Here, many countries work according to the copyright system in which all rights belong to the film producers. This means that authors' societies only manage the secondary rights (cable, private copying and lending rights) and do not manage the copyrights of directors and screenwriters. The rights are then settled directly between the author and the producer.

Some countries where Sabam can collect the broadcasting rights of your audiovisual works via local societies are France, Greece, Israel, Japan (for the screenplay only), Poland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and French-speaking Canada.