Does Sabam protect my works?

Your work is automatically protected by copyright if it meets certain conditions in terms of form and originality. This is the case in all the countries that signed the Bern Convention (1886). You do not need to file or register your works in order to protect them.

In countries that have not signed the Convention, you can usually protect your work by mentioning ©, followed by the name of the right holder and the year of publication.

If you show your work to a third party (publisher, producer), it is useful to ask him to provide you with a signed copy of it, stating the date.

Does anyone dispute that you are the author? Then you may use all possible means to prove the contrary. So be sure to keep a good record of contracts, invoices, testimonials, etc.

Depositing your works may also be useful in this respect. You can deposit your works easily and free of charge via our online service OnlineDepot.

In some cases, it is advisable to register your work with the Copyright Office. For example, if there is a chance that your work will be performed in the United States. Your registration makes it easier for you to prove that you are the author of the work. Also, if someone copies it, you will receive higher compensation.