When will I receive the performing royalties for the use of my works in Belgium?

The domestic performing royalties for year X are paid out in year X+1. This is done in two phases:

  • In June, you will receive an advance payment, in which 80% of the then collected royalties and processed programme data are paid out for media. This distribution is supplemented by the budgets for concerts and general rights (non-media) that have already been processed.
  • The final distribution will take place in October. You will then receive a possible balance (from which the advance will have been deducted). If we still collect royalties in the year following the year of performance, these amounts will be paid out in the subsequent year.

If you report your concerts with MyPlaylist, one of our handy eServices, the above arrangement does not apply to you. Those concerts are processed quarterly. This means that you can receive a payment for your concerts in Belgium every three months. Please make sure to inform us of your playlists in good time. Without this information, it is very difficult for us to distribute the royalties.

You can find our complete distribution schedule on our website.

If you have an eServices account, you will be notified by e-mail when we make a payment.

Don’t have an account yet? Request one now via affiliation@sabam.be.