Distribution schedule 2021: Receive your royalties even faster now
January 19, 2021

The year has only just begun, but the first royalty distributions are already on their way. In January we will distribute:

  • royalties for performances of works in the discipline theatre & dance; 
  • reproduction royalties for audiovisual works;
  • additional royalties for performances of your works in Belgium. 

Distribute your royalties faster

In order to provide you with an even better service and to be able to distribute your royalties more quickly, we are adjusting our schedule on a number of points this year:

  • In the past, you received your online music royalties twice a year. From now on, we will distribute them six times a year. In addition, we are also planning an extra distribution of this type of royalties in November that includes the available royalties we could not distribute earlier due to an incomplete documentation of the works.
  • The royalties we receive for the use of your musical works abroad will no longer be distributed twice a year, but every quarter.

CUBE: a new platform for the documentation of your musical works

Sabam will switch from ICE, the current platform for the documentation of your musical works, to a new version: CUBE. This will happen as soon as the platform is ready and we have carried out the tests required. The transfer of this huge amount of data will take roughly one month. 

During this transfer period, we will no longer update the documentation of your musical works in the old platform and we will no longer use the old platform for larger distributions.

This switch will also inevitably cause some changes in the schedule: 

  • From now on, we will not distribute the additional royalties for performances of your musical works in Belgium twice, but four times a year. The July distribution will however be exceptionally cancelled this year because of the transition to the new platform.
  • You will receive your performing royalties for concerts, parties & other in Belgium already in May instead of June.


Wondering when you will receive which royalties this year? Check out the complete distribution schedule for 2021.

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