Who is Sabam for Culture?

All files are submitted to the culture commissions responsible for Sabam for Culture.

Culture commissions

1. The music commission is competent for all music files
2. The major rights commission is competent for all files concerning projects relating to audiovisual, theatre & dance, literature and visual arts.

Each culture commission is composed of:

  • The two managing directors;
  • Four Dutch-speaking and four French-speaking members. They are appointed every two years by the board of directors. These mandates are renewable once.

Commission Music (Dutch)

Jo Casters

  • A&R with CNR Records
  • Author/composer, producer Poésie Noire, Erotic Dissidents, Taste Of Sugar, In Sotto Voce, TBX...

Hans Helewaut

  • Producer, composer and musician with roots in pop music (Elisa Waut) but mainly active in film music
  • Board member of GALM & Belgium ScreenComposers Guild
  • Managing director of Sabam
  • Experience as a creative director with Sonicville (2000 - 2011)
  • Portfolio:  www.hanshelewaut.be

Marie Paule Wouters

  • Programmer for Radio and TV
  • Musicologist and author of scientific publications on classical music in Flanders
  • Responsible for the development of a documentation and information centre for classical music within Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen

Maaike Wuyts

  • Founder of Aubergine Artist Management
  • Performing producer of several festivals both in Belgium and abroad
  • Freelance “Product Expert Jazz” with visit.brussels (2014-2019)

Wouter Degraeve

  • Head of Internationalization & Sector Operations at Poppunt     
  • Previous functions:
    • Head of Music at Kunstenpunt
    • In charge of pop & rock at Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen
    • Music manager (Admiral Freebee, El Fish & Roland)
    • ZAMU - Association for singers and musicians

Music commission (French)

Benjamin Schoos

  • Musician, author-composer and producer
  • Founder of Freaksville  (publisher, distributor and label)
  • Co-founder of the website and podcast series ‘Radio Rectangle’
  • Sabam managing director

Emmanuelle Soupart

  • Artistic director, artist and tour management, project manager at the Fédération des Jeunesses Musicales Wallonie-Bruxelles
  • Chairwoman of the Compagnie Isabella Soupart, choreographer-director

Michaël Content

  • Adviser on the development of (national and international) cultural projects
  • Instigator of the musical structures Nationale 5 and Franchement Franco

Eric Russon

  • Cultural journalist on TV (Arte Belgique), radio (La Première RTBF) and in the written press (magazine Moustique)
  • Author of novels published in Belgium and France

Valérie Dumont

  • Press officer - Artist promotion & press relations - Artist management - Artist coaching - Music consultant - Communication manager at This Side Up and Radio plugger for Sony Music Belgium.

Grand Rights Commission (Dutch)

Wally De Doncker

  • Celebrated author of children's literature. Numerous books of his have been translated and adapted for theatre, film and musical.
  • Was active from 2014 up to 2018 as International Chairman of IBBY, the International Board on Books for Young People.
  • Frequently asked speaker at international congresses and award ceremonies.
  • Member of the jury of the Bologna Ragazzi Awards and the IBBY-ASAHI Reading Promotion Award

Peter Bernaerts

  • Manager of the Bernaerts auction house in Antwerp
  • Expert of ‘Werk op Papier’
  • Guest lecturer at Flemish Universities and speaker for the sector
  • Involved in the TV programmes 'Schatten op zolder' and 'Rijker dan je denkt'

Bram Renders

  • Sabam board member
  • Storyteller, concept creator and scriptwriter for all media. Contributed to series such as W817, En daarmee Basta, Altijd Prijs and #wtFOCK as well as to the films Los and Patser
  • Founder of the Scenaristengilde

Anke Brouwers

  • Film teacher at the KASK in Ghent
  • Scriptwriter for the series “Loslopend Wild” and "Kafka"

Liv Laveyne

  • Artistic direction and programming for the stage De Grote Post
  • Cultural journalist

Grand Rights Commission (French)

Guillaume Senez

  • Author of several short films selected and awarded in numerous festivals: La Quadrature du Cercle (2005), Dans nos veines (2009) and U.H.T. (2012).
  • 1st feature film in 2016, Keeper, selected for more than 70 festivals (including Toronto, Locarno, Angers - Grand Prix du Jury, etc.) and awarded more than twenty prizes (including 3 Magritte du cinema).
  • 2nd feature film, Nos batailles, selected for Critics' Week (Cannes 2018). The film is selected for more than 50 festivals around the world, nominated twice for a César, and winner of 5 Magritte du cinéma (including the Magritte for Best Film).

Christine Bluard

  • Archaeologist and museologist.
  • Working at the Royal Museum for Central Africa since 2008.
  • In charge of the artist residence programme and the development of contemporary art at the museum.

Benoît Coppée

  • Vice-chairman of Sabam’s Board of Directors
  • Writer for adults and youth (all forms of writing: narrative, storytelling, nursery rhyme, theatre, novel, poetry, comic book script, song, animation and feature film script...)

More information on www.benoitcoppee.com

Pascal Vrebos

  • Dramatic author (writer, playwright and semiologist, Pascal Vrebos is the author of about thirty plays)
  • Radio and television personality (e.g. the programmes “Controverse” and “L’invité”)


Patrick Delperdange

  • Rossel Prize 2005 for Chants des gorges, he is also the author of about fifty books in several genres (novel, thriller, children's literature, comic strip, theatre).

For more information, please visit https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Delperdange