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Sabam distinguishes between two types of collection: Individual and collective collections.

Individual collections

Individual collections are made when the programme of performed music works is known at the moment permission is granted. At that moment the copyright holders (authors, publishers, heirs) are also known.
The collected amount (tariff) is distributed directly between the copyright holders.

Examples of individual collections are qualified concerts, but the collection is also performed on the pressing of digital media (CD, CD-ROM, etc.), during the production of advertising spots or video clips in which music is used, for the online use of music, etc.

Collective collections

Collective collections (collections from the media, in the catering industry, etc.) are performed when the works performed and the copyright holders are known in advance. The goal of the new structure of Sabam resulting from reorganisation in 2009 is to perform the distribution faster and to make the cash flow from copyrights - from collection to distribution - more transparent.

An overview:

Authors' royalties are received through either:

An individual collection:

A collective collection:

Collected authors' royalties are distributed:

According to the distribution key laid down by the co-authors on declaration of their works,

According to the distribution keys laid down at the time of declaration of the work and, for each type of right, according to the distribution planning ratified by the Board of Directors.

When exactly the distributions take place can be seen from the list below.

Information on your rights abroad and the list of countries with which Sabam has concluded reciprocity agreements can be found here.

Overview of reciprocity contracts