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As an author

The reproduction right is of great importance for all published authors: Novelists, poets, playwrights, essayists, illustrators, etc. The reproduction rights are managed i.a. by Sabam that makes its professional know-how available.

Before we can start doing that, however, you first have to become a member of our association. You can find the necessary documents here.

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As a literary publisher

You have signed an agreement with one or more authors? Congratulations! In this case it is useful for you to become a member of Sabam.

You will need these documents: 

  • the membership application form as a publisher, completed and signed by the owner, manager or representative of the publishing company;
  • A copy of the deed that you have filed with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, stating your position as a publisher and your company name;
  • Only for legal entities:
    - A copy of the Articles of Association of the company as published in the Belgian Official Gazette, stating your function as a publisher and the name under which your company carries out its publishing activities;
    - Proof that you are a shareholder, legal representative, director or manager of the publishing company, insofar as this is not stated in the Articles of Association;
  • an original publishing contract with declaration form(s) of the published works, signed by all rightholders;
  • proof that the works you have published have been used publicly (e.g. by communication to the public or reproduction) during the last two years before your membership application.