Payment of your royalties

Sabam redistributes your invoiced royalties on the basis of the distribution key that you (and any co-authors) disclosed when declaring your works. 

Do you notice that your work is being used in public? Let us know! You will thus receive your remuneration with certainty. 

For each remuneration you get for your copyrights, you receive a statement including: 

  • the gross amount of your royalties; 
  • the commission charged for the management of your rights; 
  • the contribution to the social and cultural fund; 
  • the withholding tax that we pay to the tax authorities. 

Curious to know when you will receive your royalties? Consult the distribution schedule.

Moreover, Sabam represents your copyright not only in Belgium, but also abroad. This representation is provided by foreign authors' societies with which we have concluded reciprocal contracts. Find out in which countries we represent your copyrights: Overview of reciprocity contracts.

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