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Unpublished works

You have to declare music works where no publisher is involved yourself. You can do this via MySabam.

If you don't have an account yet, contact our Customer Service.

As long as your works have not yet been performed in public, you don't need to declare them. This changes, however, if they are played or are published on an audio medium or via the Internet. Otherwise we can't pay out the collected royalties.

A score or recording of your work is not necessary except for:

  • Classical music or jazz (a score)
  • Adaptations from the public domain (a score or recording)
  • Electro-acoustic and aleatory music (a recording and a score or technical description)     

ATTENTION: After declaring your works, don't forget to regularly signal the performances of these works! You can also do this via MySabam.

Published works

These are works for which an agreement has been concluded between the author(s) and one or more publishers.

Published musical works must always be declared by the publishers. It can concern original publications or sub-publications.

Declaration of agreements and published musical works


NOTE: Do not forget to also notify the broadcasts of your works! After you have declared your work, it is important to inform Sabam of the use made of it. You can also use MySabam to do this. If you do not yet have an account, please contact our customer service.