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As an author

As a composer or author it is not always easy to manage your authors' rights yourself. Sabam can help you with this.

Before Sabam can start doing so, you have to become a member of our association.

Sabam will make sure you receive a fee when your work is used in one way or another: during a concert, on radio or television, on a CD, website, download or streaming platform,…

As long as your work is not being used, it is not useful to join Sabam. You can however already deposit your works at, the free deposit service of Sabam that is open to non-members as well.

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As a music publisher

Have you signed an agreement with one or more authors? Congratulations! In that case, it’s a good idea to join Sabam. Here is a list of the documents that are required:

  • the membership application form for publishers, completed and signed by the owner, administrator or representative;
  • proof of the certificate you deposited with the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises (the former trade register), which must include your function as a publisher as well as your company name;
  • only for legal persons: a copy of the articles of association published in the Belgian Official Gazette, that must include your function as a publisher and the name under which your company carries out its publishing activities
  • only for legal persons: proof of shareholdership or management or proof of legitimate representation if not included in the articles of association;
  • concerning the publishing fund:
    - an original or co-publishing contract with declaration form(s) of the published works, signed by all rightholders, as well as the declaration form 'agreement original publication' (NL - FR);
    - or a sub-publishing contract signed by both parties regarding either individual assignments for a number of works or general representation of a publishing catalogue that falls under the collective management of a Belgian copyright management organisation, as well as the declaration form ‘agreement sub-publication’ (NL - FR); 
    - or a contract for the acquisition of a publishing fund signed by both parties.
  • proof that the works you have published have been used publicly (e.g. by communication to the public or reproduction) during the last two years before your membership application.


Any questions regarding your affiliation as a publisher? Please contact our Customer Service at the number +32 2/286.84.84 or by email to They will be happy to help.

Have you signed an agreement with a different publisher as sub-publisher? Then please contact our Customer Service at

Regarding sub-publishing agreements, we refer to Article 7 of our General Rules. The registration form agreement sub-publication can be found here (NL version / FR version).