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How do I protect the name of my group, logo, slogan or title?

You can protect the name of a music group as a trade name. The right to a trade name is acquired through the first public use (i.e. from the moment the group comes out with a certain name for the first time).

The scope of protection of such a name is limited to the territory/countries in which the name has a certain reputation (through concerts, broadcasts, the sale of albums, etc.).

The holder of a trade name may oppose the use of other names which could lead to confusion in the territory where his name is known.

It is also possible to protect a name as a trademark. The exclusive right to a trademark can be obtained by registration with, for example, the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property or with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

The protection as a trademark is broader than the protection as a trade name because it is valid for the entire territory for which the trademark has been registered (e.g. the Benelux). The holder of a trademark can oppose the use of all identical or similar signs from a later date for similar goods or services.

If it concerns a sign that serves to indicate the origin of goods and services, it is necessary to register it as a trademark in order to give it the protection of trademark law.

A logo, slogan or title can also be protected by copyright on condition that they are sufficiently original.

More information on the protection of trade names and trademarks and a list of specialised offices can be found on the website.