I wish to release a DVD. What do I have to do?

You wish to release a DVD? Then please send a reproduction request to Sabam in advance.

For a musical DVD (e.g. the recording of a concert), please apply for a reproduction on a sound carrier via eLicensing. The collection corresponds to the collection for a reproduction on a CD.

For the reproduction of an audiovisual production, you have to provide Sabam with the form "Licence application for the use of music in an audiovisual production" (FR - NL) duly filled in.

The licences are granted on following conditions:

- If the audiovisual production comprises musical works belonging to Sabam’s repertoire, the collection’s percentage amounts to 3.5% of the wholesale price. This collection is calculated in function of the music’s duration in comparison to the production’s (film’s) total duration. Moreover, a minimum amount of €0.11 per copy or per DVD in case of a box set is taken into account.

- Sabam is also managing the rights for film direction and screenplay, next to the music? Sabam will then collect an additional fee of 6.10% of the wholesale price, while taking into account a minimum amount of €0.19 per copy or per DVD in case of a box set.

For using existing music in an audiovisual production, you can obtain the licence directly from the right holders or their publisher, and possibly from the producer of the recording (see synchronization rights).