Reprography & private copying

Have your texts or images been published digitally? Or have they been included in a book, catalogue, magazine or newspaper? Make sure to register these publications with Sabam.

Have your published works been copied? Then you will receive a compensation for reprography and private copying.


How it works 

Sabam receives this compensation from the collective management organisations Reprobel and Auvibel. We then pass it on to you based on your registration.

Reprobel invoices reprography compensation to professional users in the private and public sector for photocopying your works. They also invoice compensation to educational and research institutions. 

Auvibel invoices compensation for private copying to manufacturers, importers or intra-community purchasers of equipment or carriers used to make private copies. 
Compensation for private copying is invoiced for: 

  • devices that enable copying for personal use, such as tablets, smartphones and digicorders; 
  • and blank carriers on which copyrighted works can be copied, such as USB sticks and memory cards. 


Register your publications

Your compensation is calculated based on a number of factors, including:

  • the type of publication: paper or digital;
  • the number of authors, translators and/or editors of the work;
  • the number of pages or characters.

This is why you should always register your publications with Sabam.
You can do so quickly and easily via MyPublications, the handy online application in your MySabam account.


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You can submit your registration for the publications of your works in 2020, 2021 and 2022 until 30 September 2023.
Prefer to register your publications using our forms? Do so here: (NL) – (FR)

Important: Keep in mind that you can only register using this method until 30 June 2023. Our services can only process registrations made using the relevant registration forms. 



Please find the registration and distribution rules below:

Declaration and distribution regulations for reprography rights (NL) - (FR)